The Herb Letters

Welcome to a brand-new storytelling experience full of herblore, folklore, history, romance, adventure, and a little mystery.

Step back in time with each snail mail letter into a place of love and intrigue. Each letter is a part of a wonderfully written story of a strong and independent woman. These wise women and their remarkable stories reveal passion, insight, dedication, wisdom, faith, immense heart, and diverse approaches to health-giving therapies. Each woman is a keeper of their ancestors’ teachings and traditions.

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Each story is divided into 12 parts, so you will receive a part of the story in each letter. Store your letters in order and reread them as often as you wish.

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What’s the stories about?

You have the choice of three stories. You may choose more than one. Find your favorite story.

A Mountain Romance
Rose has never been away from the mountains that she calls home. She wanders the hills and trails gathering herbs to help the people that live around her. Her Grandmother and Mother taught her how to heal using the plants that grew up on the mountainside. She shares her herbal knowledge with you, the reader.

Rose being a Christian believes that her life is simple and safe, but that may not be the case at all. There are secret events and plans happening throughout the hills that will interrupt her simple life.
She finds an injured stranger upon the mountain. Rose had never met anyone like this man. Unfortunately, strangers are not welcome by some people.
A Medieval Romance
Lily was the daughter of a rich lord who owed vast plots of land. Lily cared for the people who lived on the land and worked it for her father.

Lily was not like most young women of her means. She visited and helped the people who were sick and in need. Her mother had died when she was a child, but not before teaching her how to heal with herbs, but mostly how to care about others. Lily never thought she knew enough to help her people because she had only begun her studies when her mother passed. So, she sought out an herbalist who lived far away. Lily found a friend through letters who taught her more than she knew.
A Wild West Romance
Coming Soon
A Seller of Purple
Lydia was a businesswoman in a time when women normally did not speak for herself. Her husband would have done that for her. Lydia was a dyer of purple when she lived at home with her parents. She sold her family wares in the marketplace. There, she became a respected person.

She lived in Thyatira, but wished she could move her business to Philippi. When her wish came true, she had no idea what was in store for her in Philippi.
Martha and Mary
Sisters of Bethany
Martha and Mary lived in Bethany near Jerusalem
with their brother Lazarus. Their parents had died
when they were young and Martha being the
eldest, raised her younger brother and sister with
the help of good neighbors. The three were well-
loved in the Village of Bethany.

One day, Mary found a family that was traveling to
Jerusalem for the Passover. The mother was very
tired, so Mary invited the family to rest in their
home. Little did Mary know who this family was, or
what her kindness would lead too.

Lose yourself in an unforgettable journey with an unforgettable woman of faith.

The Herb Letters are more than just letters. Each collection is packed with historically stories of fictional people that the writer has created.

You will find inserts designed to make you feel a part of the story and the era. The stories are researched and centered around an area where herbal lore was common.

Look for herblore, folklore, history, romance, adventure, and a little mystery.

When you open your mailbox, you will want to open your letter and read it at once. Please, find a quiet place to enjoy your mail. You will find yourself lost in another time and place.

Additional information: This is a Christian site. There are no witchcraft, bad language, or sex scenes.