I am a writer of everything vintage or old-fashioned and herbs are always a part of the story. I am currently working on a series of stories called The Herb Letters that will be snail mailed in monthly installments.

Step back in time with each letter into a place of love and intrigue. Each letter is a part of a wonderfully written story of a strong and independent woman. These wise women and their remarkable stories reveal passion, insight, dedication, wisdom, faith, immense heart, and diverse approaches to health-giving therapies. Each woman is a keeper of their ancestors’ teachings and traditions.

I am also writing and researching a book called A Mountain Path which will one day be a part of the Ozark Mountains Series. The first book is about a little boy who moves with his family from a big city in the east to the beautiful but dangerous Ozark Mountains in the mid 1800’s. The change is very hard for him, and he runs away from school one day and becomes lost in the mountains. He is found by a little girl on here first herb gathering alone. She takes him back to her Granny which is the mountain herbalist.

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