Ozark Mountains Series

A Mountain Path

Ozark Mountains Series

by Lisa Ray

I’m currently writing a book called “A Mountain Path” that I hope to be finished with by the end of this year. This is Book One, of the Ozark Mountains Series.

It’s about a little boy who moves with his family from a big city in the east to the beautiful but dangerous Ozark Mountains in the mid 1800’s. The change is very hard for him and he runs away from school one day and becomes lost in the mountains.

After a terrible night alone in the forest, a little girl finds him and takes him home to her Granny. The grandmother is the mountain’s healer and she is teaching the girl before the knowledge is lost with her death. So the book is filled with mountain lore, music, and medicinal herbs.

The story skips to when the children are grown and meet once again in a similar situation. But this time the man has been injured by the mountain men that does not want strangers. The young woman Sara finds the man Jake and heals him, but he does not even remember who he is.

As Jake tries to fit in with the mountain folk, a budding romance begins to form.