Green Onions

The Garden Advisor, By Lisa Ray, And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden… Gen.2:8

Plant of the Week

Green Onions

Immature bulb onions are often called scallions, but true scallions or bunching onions do not form bulbs.  The best time to plant onion sets are early spring, but I have luck all year round.  In prepared soil, place onion sets I inch deep and 4 inches apart.  They sprout and multiply quickly.  Keep well weeded; young onions have slender grass-like leaves.  Water regularly and fertilize with fish emulsion or compost tea if leaves turn yellow.  When seed heads form, pinch them off.  Seeds can be started indoors 3-4 months before last spring frost and planted in the ground in spring.  Seeds also can be sown in ground in late summer.  I leave my plants in the ground year round, and when they die back in the fall, I cover them with mulch.  They are the first to come up in the spring.  It’s a good idea to plant fresh seeds every 4 years.  Pull onions for fresh use as needed, but leave some in each colony to multiply for later use.  Rabbits nibble at my fresh onions, but stop when onions are mature.


It’s time to plant spring seeds, sets, tubers, and plants in the ground while it’s cool.  Seeds:  beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, collards, kahlrabi, lettuce, snow peas, spinach, mustard, radishes, and turnips.  Sets and Tubers:  green and bulb onions, and potatoes.  Plants:  cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, collards, lettuce, and spinach.


Can you plant in containers?  Gardening in containers is a popular and old way to garden.  Cooks can have potted herbs in their kitchen windowsills.   People who have limited space can grow flowers, vegetables, and even trees in containers.  There are a variety of containers to choose from available at garden centers.  Fill containers with a good well-balanced soil mix.  The soil dries quickly in containers, so water daily.  Also, plants need fertilizer regularly.  Of course organic is best, but chemical fertilizer can be used.  Watch the plants, if they look yellow or stressed, they need care.


Soil Amendments and Benefits

  • Bark, ground:  made from various tree barks, improves soil structure
  • Compost:  excellent conditioner
  • Leaf mold:  decomposed leaves add nutrients and structure to soil
  • Lime:  raises the pH of acid soil and helps loosen clay soil
  • Manure:  best if composted,  good conditioner
  • Peat moss:  conditioner that helps soil retain water
  • Sand:  improves drainage in clay soil
  • Topsoil:  improves  soil structure


Green Onions and Rice Eggs

2 T olive oil

1 T butter

Small bundle green onions, chopped

1 cup cooked white or brown rice

5 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

Cheese, grated (opt.)

Spray skillet with vegetable spray.  On medium heat, melt olive oil and butter.  Add green onions and rice.  Stir-fry 5 minutes or until green onions are done.  Add eggs, salt, and pepper; stir continually until eggs are fluffy.  Sprinkle on cheese if you wish.  You can add chopped ham, chicken, mushrooms, yellow onions, or tomatoes, etc.  with the oil and butter.  Not just for breakfast, great anytime.  Serve with biscuits or toast.  Yields 2 servings

Old-Time Garden Advice Every worm visible upon the cabbages may be killed by the use of hot water.   The water may be boiling hot when put in the watering can, but it will not be too hot when it reaches the cabbage leaves.  Clarence Moores Weed, Insecticides, 1891


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